Hi I’m John.

Like many I set out on the path of the ‘American Dream’ going to college, getting a high paying job and putting away as much as possible into my retirement account.

I was fortunate to attain many of these aspirations from an early age, but as I continued to grow my career and lifestyle something just didn’t feel right.

The pride and fulfillment I had expected from attaining these ‘goals’ was not there. I didn’t have a passion for the work I was doing, just a compulsion to keep doing it as I would make good money. I was stressed quite often, I began to delve into unhealthy habits.

The life I thought I was living for was anything but, I wasn’t living a life of freedom. I was a prisoner of my own making within the confines of Corporate America.

I had a constant fear of the unknown. What if my job fires me? What if they decide to change my compensation structure? What if I need to change jobs and take a pay cut?

This were all real fears I had daily.

Then I asked myself the question, what if I could make money outside of a job?

Through mentorship and coaching, I was able learn basic strategies to creating value (building equity/ income) out of thin air, where it hadn’t been before.

I was hooked and set off on a journey to unlock my full potential including the life I so desperately desired.

Contrarian Cashflow is an outlet for motivated individuals to learn from successful entrepreneurs and value creators.

I hope you join us on the journey to unlocking who you are meant to be.