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Why Contrarian cashflow?

Have you ever thought there has to be more to offer from life?

I went to college….because they said that is what you do

I got a well paying job…because that is what they said to do

I reached Income and Net Worth goals….because that is what they said to do

As I attained each of those goals I didn’t feel the change in myself I had expected. My life wasn’t any different and it kept me wanting for more…

Who is they and why did I feel so compelled to listen??

After much introspection I have found relationships and fulfillment will lead to the most impactful life.

Contrarian Cashflow is about that journey, interviewing some of the most successful within investing and entrepreneurship. How we seek fulfillment in life and maintain motivation through life’s ups and downs.

Please join us as we delve into becoming who you are meant to be.

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I have a passion for helping others Accelerate their journey to financial independence

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