David Richards is a life-strategist, #1 international best-selling author, and speaker on personal development. Realizing the fulfillment that came from helping others see their vision more clearly, he became a certified life coach. He works with individuals and organizations, conducting training through private coaching engagements, speaking events, and workshops. 

[00:0110:58] Who is David Richards?

  • I introduce and welcome our guest, David Richards
  • David shares what he is currently up to
  • Working on his new book
  • David talks about his background
  • Reaching a certain level of awareness
  • David shares how doing yoga has helped him

[10:5924:36] Discovering Your True Purpose in Life

  • David talks about breaking free from the path his father laid out for him
  • Figuring how to fit in in the civilian world
  • Discovering his true purpose
  • David shares the journey of writing and publishing his book
  • What drives and motivates you right now?

[24:3730:49] Burn the Boats

  • Deciding to exit Corporate America
  • David talks about his transitioning your mind all in on your goals

[30:5036:03] Pursue Your Purpose in Life

  • There’s a purpose to our lives, and we have to have the courage to pursue it

[36:0446:58] The Contrarian 3-Pack

  • What would you say is the most contrarian investment you’ve ever made?
  • Technology as a service. Investing in myself.
  • What’s your favorite activity to do with your friends and family outside of work?
  • I would say Spartan Races. Being outdoors and being physically fit is something I love to do with folks.
  • What actions, whether within work or family, offer you the most fulfillment in life?
  • Helping people focus more on themselves
  • Connect with David. See the links below.


Tweetable Quotes:

“It’s not just about like physical nutrition. It’s about mental nutrition as well, and it comes from starting to regulate and figure out what you pay attention to and what you focus on.” – David Richards

“I’m fulfilled by helping people shift their lives. Shift their perception about what they believe about themselves. What they believe is possible.” – David Richards

“It’s not about the obstacles that come my way. It’s about figuring out how to get around those things.” – David Richards


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You can connect with David on https://www.davidrichardsauthor.com/. Follow him on Instagram @davidrichardsauthor.

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